This is a story about a girl named Bonnie who had the dream of running her own festival. At first, the concept was just a fantasy, but towards the end of 2018, several synchronicities fell into place and this distant dream began to form into reality.

A team of very keen lovers of festivals, sound system culture and quality live and electronic music began to take shape. A site was offered in a perfect location, a date was easily settled upon and a licence was granted in very quick succession, meaning this dream had become Real.

We are in this for the love, we want to share this love with you all and therefore have chosen to make tickets as cheap as we possibly could, and we are truly sorry we are unable do this for free, but we shall donate 100% of our profits to charities, both local and global, and do everything we can to keep this event as green and environmentally conscious as possible.

Come, join us in the greatest party this summer. For The Love of Music Festival xXx

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